Trout Lake Atlas

by Caffyn Kelley

Caffyn was Artist in residence at the Trout Lake Community Centre, Vancouver. This project involved working for over a year with school and community groups to map nature and natural history at Trout Lake, creating 30 complex artworks and a 400-foot environmental sculpture commemorating a buried creek.  “Trout Lake Community Mapping Project” workshops included What is a Map?, Barefoot Mapping, Lake Stewardship, Queer Nature, Natural History of Trout Lake, Bowl as Map / Bowl as Metaphor, Habitat Restoration. Workshops given at the Community Centre and two Vancouver schools (Grades 4-6; Grades 8-10).  A report on the project, written by Caffyn, was published by the Vancouver Park Board in 2002.

What is A Map?

Trout Lake

Barefoot Mapping

Finding Your Power Animal

The Natural History of Trout Lake

Mapping the Future of Trout Lake

Coming Home

Water Dream/Water Memory



Bibliography and Appendices

This online version of the Trout Lake Atlas does not include all the appendices in the original version. Please contact the author for more information.

details of Water Dream, Water Memory: Trout Lake, Vancouver, BC. Environmental Sculpture (grass, rocks, engraved rocks), 20’ x 400’. Trout Lake Community Mapping Project.