Queer Images

Many of Caffyn’s images explore the meanings and resonances of queer identity.


© Caffyn Jesse Kelley, Lovers and Fish: Turning, Returning, 20″ x 53.” from a series in which Caffyn explores affinities between same-sex lovers and salmon.

“Like salmon, we journey home, against the current and against the odds.”

© Caffyn Kelley, Earth Icon: Friendship fabric applique, 16″ x 24″

In each lesbian and gay person there is a spirit that cannot shine in the dead forms and obligatory gestures of nuclear family life. While family binds us to service, friendship is “a boundless desire.”

© Caffyn Jesse Kelley, Earth Icon: The Lesbian Body, fabric applique, 16″ x 24”

lesbian“The lesbian body poses an alternative to the sex-gender system. We refuse its processes and values.”