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This site invites visitors to explore the cultural meanings and social power of homosexuality.

Homosexuality is more than the ordinary, enduring fact of same-sex sexual preference. It is also a complex system of symbolic meanings elaborated over centuries. Contemporary gay and lesbian people are forced to an encounter with these meanings. We are vilified and demonized by a homophobic culture.

The archetypes, stereotypes and images in which we are enmeshed are an enormous burden. They are also a gigantic opportunity. Gay and lesbian people are linked to myth, history, and the capacity to transform society. Exploring the stereotypes and archetypes associated with queer is a way to amplify our difference, and claim our power.


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A dictionary divining the symbolic meanings of recognizable homophobic stereotypes.


Image Galleries

These galleries contain queer images from throughout history and around the world.


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Queer meanings invite new understandings of gender, nature, race, evil and architecture.