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FREE DOWNLOAD: Orientation: Mapping Queer Meanings

Caffyn Jesse explores social meanings and consequences for living as a queer person in a homophobic culture. This is an “intriguing, Orientation: Mapping Queer Meaningsthought-provoking and spirit-expanding book” written with erudition and humor. In the foreward to the book Paula Stromberg writes: “Caffyn Jesse describes how exploring queer difference can offer insights that challenge core structures in society, including gender oppressions, international conversation about our economic systems, and our approach to the ruling class of elites…. These exciting ideas could energize the next wave of queer activism.” Reviewers have described this work as “something new and powerful for the queer community” (Diane Claveau, XTRA West!) and “a fascinating and educational journey into all the meanings, myths and ideas that have gone into the creation of our flourishing queer culture” (Stephani Barber, Girlfriends Magazine).

Caffyn Jesse has written numerous books on intimacy and erotic well-being. See more and enjoy more free downloads at their website