Community Quilt Projects

Kensington-QuiltIn 1996 Caffyn worked with the people of Kensington, Vancouver to create a 50-foot quilt for the entrance of the community centre.
ssifabmapsmall (1)In 2001 Caffyn worked on the Islands in the Salish Sea Community Mapping Project, creating this celebrated quilt on Salt Spring Island watersheds.
trout-lake-quiltIn 2001 Caffyn worked with the community of Trout Lake, Vancouver, creating over 40 artworks on nature and natural history. These included two community quilts and a large-scale environmental sculpture.

Other projects include Union, a quilt created for Paula Stromberg of the Office and Professional Employees International Union to celebrate the power of collective action, and a series of quilts created on the history and environment of Indian Arm, the inlet where Caffyn lived from 1985-1996.